Here are some links related to 3D Animation and Computer Graphics, as well as friends of mine and so on. Enjoy! I need to update with more links...for now at least I finally got the page up..heh.

3D Animation Links

Good forum and news website. Has user galleries, news, and help forums. Chances are if you want to know something you can find it here.

Another CG News site, usually has links to shorts, news etc...

Gamasutra - Game Developer
This is -the- site if you are interested in making video games or working in the video game industry. They have tons of articles and resources for game developers and artists. This is the same site as the printed version of "Game Developer Magazine" which you can also buy in bookstores.

ACM Siggraph
This is a link to the Official siggraph organization. There is a huuuge SIGGRAPH conference every year with people from all over the world attending. It's a great place to go if you are trying to get into the industry (you can interview with many companies there), want to research CG software or hardware, or just want to hang out. Look for the "Conferences" link on their page.


Keith Lango
Great animator whom many in CG know of. Worked together at Big Idea. This is his blog with lots of links, info and musing on animation.

Mark Behm
Another co-worker from Big Idea among other places we worked at like Blue Sky, DNA etc.. Mark is one of those dudes that makes you feel like you suck. Amazing painter, animator and all around artist.

Rob Dollase
Friend of mine from Big Idea, generalist CG, painting etc...