Maya Downloads:

This section contains all of my Maya MEL Scripts AND Maya Plug-ins that I have released. All of these items are supplied as is. You alone are soley responsible for any issues, damages or effects of the software, I make no warranties either implicit or implied as to the useablity, safety, or quality of the software. Use at your own risk.

MEL Script Suite

You can download ALL of my current MEL scripts, which includes a README on how to install and setup the cometMenu for them in the file. These scripts should work for both Maya 6.01, Maya 6.5 and Maya 7.0, and even for more recent versions as well.

This script set includes:

Maya Plug-Ins

PLEASE NOTE: I am not supporting these plug-ins past Maya version 8.0. I do not have compiles for Maya 8.5, 2008 or after, if you wish to use it with these versions you must compile it yourself.

PoseDeformer and PoseReader

poseDeformer/poseReader 1.18 - Requires: Maya 6.01/6.5/7.0/8.0 - (Windows/LINUX/MacOSX PLUG-IN) - CATEGORY: Rigging

poseReader is a plug-in that lets you easily read pose angles of joints or nodes, and then drive whatever you want with that, such as a rig or blendShapes. This provides a very simple to set min and max angle with a visual object to see what is going on, and optionally can allow or disallow twisting to be counted when reading the pose. Good for driving pose driven deformations.

poseDeformer is a plug-in that lets you create sculpted corrective shapes similar to a blendshape, but with a true pose space deformer. It properly stores shapes in joint space and reapplies them after the skinCluster. Includes both this deformer and script, as well as the required poseReader plugin.

Please note I am aware I have some stupid code in there that is a) broken math and b) I don't know if it is even being used. I was playing around with a more correct implementation and I don't think I ever finished it or got it right...that said it does work but the code should probably be cleaned up.

Version 1.18 now has a new userScale setting for the deformer, so that you can make scaleable rigs that work properly PSD deformation. In addition the ZIP file now contains all the bin MLL/SO files needed for Maya 6.01, 6.5, 7.0, and 8.0 for both Windows, Linux and Mac OS X!

SOURCE CODE IS INCLUDED under the Gnu General Public License.
For more information you can also look at the Help file.

If you are looking for more help, you can also check out a very nice page Matt Estela put together at:

Reset Skin Joint

resetSkinJoint 1.01 - Requires: Maya 6.01/6.5/7.0/8.0 - (Windows/LINUX PLUG-IN) - CATEGORY: Rigging

This is a Windows plug-in that lets you easily reset skin joints so that you can reset the original bind pose, without having to un-skin and then re-skin.

Version 1.01 now support a -skincl flag so you can specify to only reset the joints for a specific skinCluster instead of all skin clusters.
SOURCE CODE IS INCLUDED under the Gnu General Public License.
For more information you can also look at the Help file.

Programming/Code Reference

MayaAPI Help Page
This is my own help page for people who want to write C++ plugin for Maya. It has some basic info to help people who already know C+ and are familiar with the Maya SDK, but want some sample code or an easy place to find basic samples from.

CArray.h - Template C++ Class for Maya Arrays
If you are a C++ plug-in programmer for Maya, you may find this template class useful. It has a generic implementation of a dynamic array class that has the same function calls and usage as the regular Maya array classes. This lets you create array classes of your own types or of types that Maya doesn't provide for like MMatrixArrays and so on.